Ever wondered . . .?

GPS data in an Olympus camera

Who’s behind the GPS data guiding you around your city, your country? Who’s telling you where you are?

It might be NAVTEQ, a Chicago, Ill.-based company and a major player in providing maps, traffic and location data. It is supplying data for the Olympus Tough TG-810 compact digital camera.

The TG-810 features GPS functions and an electronic compass to record the location data of the shot. By activating the GPS function, the camera can display landmarks on the monitor and identify the country/region of the shot being taken. Integrated within the TG-810 are NAVTEQ maps and points of interest (POI) ranging from tourist destinations and museums to ferry terminals and railway stations.

The camera’s users have the ability to geographically organize their photos, allowing them to easily determine the precise location of where the photo was taken and link it with the exact POI on the NAVTEQ map.

NAVTEQ says digital cameras and camcorders are among the latest and fastest growing segments to integrate maps and location content.


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