The lowly print

Facebook. Internet. They consume digital images like crazy. And those images never disappear, right?

Well, servers have been known to crash and/or be hacked.

You’ve never lost a computer, had it crash? Hard drive toast. Paperweight.

We store pictures on hard drives, DVDs, CDs, upload them to picture-sharing services, put them on flash drives.

Not one of them is permanent.

The only “permanent” image storage device is the print. Yeah, I know, stone age. But we’re still looking at pictures made 100 years ago. Even older.

“Printing photos is still the safest method for storing photos long term, as high-quality prints have the capability to outlast electronic storage methods,” says U.S. research company InfoTrends.

Prints and photo books, says InfoTrends’ associate director, David Haueter, “are still the easiest and best way to make sure photos will be retrievable and viewable decades into the future.”



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