Another nod for Pentax 645D

The Pentax 645D medium-format digital SLR camera, first launched in June 2010, has been selected as Camera of The Year at the Camera GP Japan 2011 Awards.

The Camera Grand Prix Awards is held annually under the sponsorship of the Camera Journal Press Club (CJPC), a group of photography writers from the top 11 photo and camera magazines in Japan. This is one of the most prestigious camera awards in the country, representing the CJPC’s selection of the most distinguished still cameras introduced to the Japanese market during the year.

In addition to Camera of The Year, the group also selected winners in three different categories: the Readers Award, with voting by magazine readers; the Editors Award, a selection by professional writers from all photographic and imaging products; and the Lens Award, a new award established this year.

The winners are decided by a 57-member selection panel consisting of the editors and publishers of club-member magazines, photographic experts, technical writers and professional photographers, as well as CJPC members. The Pentax 645D was selected over 172 other new products introduced in Japan between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011.

Founded in 1984, the Camera Grand Prix Awards this year celebrated the 28th Camera of The Year winner. Pentax has had three winners in the past: the Z-1 Quartz Date in 1992; the 645N in 1998; and the K10D in 2007.

The 645D has already been selected as the best pro DSLR in Europe by the prestigious Technical Image Press Association (TIPA).


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