Canon and Fuji to offer ILCs?

The interchangeable lens camera (ILC) market is a hot area for manufacturers, judging by reports by Reuters from Japan suggesting both Canon and Fuji are now considering offering models. ILCs are small cameras – smaller than a DSLR – yet offering the ability to change lenses, and using an electronic viewfinder rather than the larger prism-based optical system used by DSLRs.

Olympus, Panasonic and Sony have had the market to themselves, with Pentax announcing a couple of days ago it would launch the Q in the fall. The rumour mill has been churning for months that Nikon would announce an ILC, possibly this fall.

The question for Canon and Nikon is whether producing ILCs will hurt their existing DSLR sales, with consumers opting for a smaller and lighter ILC with its smaller and lighter lenses.

Olympus and Sony offer both DSLRs and ILCs.


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