Blurb adds app feature

Blurb, the publishing platform, has announced a social update to its iPhone application, Blurb Mobile. The app, designed to enable easy story creation using personal media, including photos, videos and audio, now boasts new features including Story Stream, where friends can instantly share and comment on each others stories anywhere and anytime using their iPhones.

To share media stories, customers can access their Facebook and Twitter network and automatically connect to their friends list, as well as other Blurb Mobile storytellers, who can be added and followed via the new Story Stream channel. As soon as a story has been posted, friends will be able to view it and provide immediate feedback using Blurb Mobile’s new text commenting feature.

Blurb also announced an enhanced and optimized iPad version of Blurb Mobile. Within the app’s “My Story” and “Story Stream” channels, stories are now automatically sync’d between a customer’s iPhone and iPad. Blurb Mobile’s full screen image editing mode allows a story author to easily rotate, crop and add audio and text caption to their story’s photos and video.

Video and photos can now be interactively sequenced into meaningful stories with the story author having complete control over the sizing of the story stage.

Blurb Mobile is free to download and each customer receives a story channel on to share their stories online. In addition, Blurb Mobile Plus provides an in-app upgrade path for customers seeking additional photo, video and audio capability. All stories can be made public or private.

The new Blurb Mobile update can be downloaded here.


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