We’re doing more with our pix

Back in the “good old days” of film, not only did we have to process the roll of film, most of us had to have prints made of each picture – good or bad. The photo industry thrived.

Then came digital, and we could look at our pictures on the little screen on the camera’s back, as well as on our computer. No processing cost. No prints required. The photo industry took a major revenue hit.

But a lot of pictures disappeared, swallowed up in computer crashes. Years of memories gone, forever.

Now, gradually, we’re getting back into the habit of making hard copies of our pictures, although that doesn’t necessarily mean prints. A great example of this is the increasing number of photobooks being made.

A company working behind the scenes to produce all manner of photo-related products is PNI Digital, based in Vancouver, B.C. This is the company which makes photobooks, mugs and, yes, prints for some major retailers in the U.S. and Canada – companies such as CVS and Costco, among many others.

PNI has just announced its third quarter results and, for us, one of the most important numbers is the number of transactions it handled in its fiscal third quarter – 4.2 million orders, a 3 percent increase compared to the previous third quarter.

And that’s good news.


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