New Kodak photo paper aimed at pros

Yes, Virginia, there is a Kodak, despite all the negative press and predictions of bankruptcy by this once great giant in the photo world. And from the Rochester, N.Y., company comes word of a new family of silver halide-based media, Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper and Premier Metallic Paper.

These new papers have a new cyan dispersion and enhanced emulsion technology.

Benefits for both portrait and commercial labs include a larger color gamut with the capacity for more saturated colour, while at the same time maintaining accurate skin tone reproduction, highlights and shadow detail, says the company.

The wider colour gamut together with the capacity for more saturated colour and accurate skin tone reproduction, highlights and shadow detail were traditionally not feasible in a single paper, notes Kodak, allow users more latitude in the final look of their prints without forcing these traditional either/or choices.

 The creativity remains in the hands of professional photographers and the professional labs that serve them. Operationally, the new papers offer more efficient workflow capabilities, including improved post-process finishing. Backed by Kodak’s manufacturing excellence, consistency from roll to roll and batch to batch help minimize process variability.

Commercial labs, suggests Kodak, will benefit from the new paper due to its high D-Max capability for bold, rich blacks, and increased colour gamut for strong, vibrant colors (greens, blues, yellows and cyans). Improved whites that are lighter in density and clean, sharp text and graphic reproduction combine to deliver state-of-the-art image stability.

The papers will be available worldwide early next year.


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