Choices – so many choices!

Today’s “connected generation of photo takers” shoot, enhance and share more photos than six months ago, according to the 6Sight Social Imaging Survey Report.

Today’s photographers also make pragmatic decisions about which devices, apps or services they could best use for various imaging tasks.

They are open to using smartphones, apps or social network sites, but at the same time don’t shy away from using more traditional devices, software, or sharing methods if these better suit their needs, the survey found.

The survey was conducted among 1,065 North American photo-taking consumers, 76 percent of whom own smartphones and 90 percent owning digital cameras.

The survey found most people use several devices for taking photos.

Nearly 60 percent of the survey’s digital camera owners who take at least one photo a month with that device also own a smartphone with which they take at least one photo a month.

The respondents use smartphones most frequently to take photos: 91 percent of smartphone owners take at least one photo a month with their smartphones, compared to 80 percent of the digital camera owners who do so with their cameras.

But the survey found digital cameras are used more for taking a larger number of photos: Digital camera users take more than two times as many photos as smartphone users do.

The survey respondents enhance or alter on the average 25 percent of their photos prior to saving or sharing them.

No matter the popularity of photo enhancement smartphone apps like Instagram or Path, there is no support for the notion people are shifting photo enhancement from the computer to smartphones or tablets.

More than 80 percent of the respondents still use their computer most to alter or enhance photos. In fact, the computer is also the device that has seen the biggest increase in use for photo enhancement.

If there is the beginning of a shift from computer to smartphone and tablets, it is for sharing photos.

The survey’s respondents overwhelmingly share more photos than six months ago from their smartphones or tablets, no matter whether this is through texting/emailing or through uploading to photo sharing or social network sites.

Although they also share more photos than in the past from their computers by uploading their photos to photo sharing or social network sites, they have started to use computers less for sharing photos through email or texting.

Those who share more photos do so primarily because software, hardware or web services have made it easier to share photos.

Those who share fewer photos give personal rather than technology reasons, such as less time available for taking photos or fewer occasions for sharing them.

When people share photos in person, they most often do so by sharing photos from their devices’ screens (computer screens, followed by smartphone and camera LCD screens), topping “analog” methods such as photo prints and photo albums, and the traditional “living room screen” (i.e. TV).


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