He shoots. He scores!

Palomar Technologies, provider of precision microelectronics and optoelectronic packaging systems, has announced its collaboration with VubIQ, to enable the new HD video capturing system for the National Hockey League (NHL) in-goal cameras.

After rigorous testing and field trials, VubIQ has been given an order to equip all 30 NHL venues throughout the U.S. and Canada with GoalCam systems.

Each system is comprised of two units: a GoalCam unit (HD camera and 60 GHz transmitter) and a 60 GHz receiver unit.

Additionally, each unit is designed to incorporate future Wi-Fi upgrades, allowing for remote wireless adjustment of seven different functions: camera pan, camera tilt, RF antenna pan, RF antenna tilt, HD camera focus, HD camera iris, and HD camera zoom.

“Historically, the NHL had difficulties verifying whether or not a ‘close call’ was an actual goal, and lacked a consistent or reliable vetting method,” notes Adam Button, VubIQ’s CEO.

“With cameras far overhead positioned in various angles around the rink, the puck could not be video recorded at a close distance or in high resolution as it crossed (or did not cross) the goal line.

“Until now, goal judges positioned behind each goal during games typically made the call by switching on a red flashing light; but these judges did not have the luxury of instant replay or precise slow motion (forward or reverse) to assist with close calls.

“Now with our GoalCams positioned inside the goal itself, and transmitting the uncompressed HD video wirelessly to the judging booth, it is as though the goal judges are literally right on top of the action – only with the additional benefit of slow-motion, back-and-forth replay in full HD.”


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