VidPro, Lensband come to Canada

VidPro LED lighting kits, with rechargeable batteries and chargers, are now available in Canada.

Units vary in light output and utilize a variety of power sources: AC, DC, rechargeable Lithium ion and AA batteries.

Distributor Edma Photomarketing says their flexible power requirements and portability make them a popular choice for location photography and videography.

VidPro also offers an extensive assortment of lithium ion digital camera and camcorder batteries.

Here’s a colourful solution to an annoying problems. Lensband is a silicone band designed with specific elastic resistance to stop unwanted zoom creep in camera lenses.

Zoom creep is the tendency for a lens to extend or collapse under its own weight when pointed upward or downward.

One size fits all lenses, and the bands are available in a variety of colours and patterns.

Apparently many photographers have used it on hard-to-remove lens filters or simply to add a little personality to their lenses.


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