Canon upgrades EOS 7D DSLR firmware

A new firmware upgrade for Canon’s EOS 7D camera, released in October 2009, is said to greatly improve the camera’s performance.

The upgrade, Version 2.0.0, which will be made available in early August, not only increases the maximum number of images that can be captured during continuous shooting, but also enables the EOS 7D to be used with the optional GPS Receiver GP-E2, and adds a range of new functions such as a maximum sensitivity setting function when shooting using ISO Auto.

During continuous shooting, the new firmware allows the capture of approximately 25 RAW images in a single burst, improving on the previous limit of approximately 15 images.

For RAW+JPEG (large/fine) files, the firmware makes possible the continuous shooting of approximately 17 images, an improvement over the previous approximately 6 images.

The new firmware supports the optional GPS Receiver GP-E2, enabling the recording of location information, such as latitude, longitude and elevation of where a photo is captured.

The firmware also adds a Time Zone Setting function to the camera, which calculates the time difference relative to the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) after users select their current location.

By using this function together with the GP-E2, the camera allows the recording of not only the location where a photo was captured, but also the local time when it was shot.

The firmware upgrade adds the latest functions employed by the EOS 5D Mark III (released this past March).

One such function enables users to freely select the maximum sensitivity settings during ISO Auto shooting.

For example, when shooting a sunset or in similar conditions where colour and lighting can change quickly, this function allows users to lower the maximum ISO setting to ensure image quality.

Likewise, by increasing the maximum ISO setting, users can ensure that subjects are blur-free when shooting dimly lit indoor events or under similar low-light conditions.

The firmware also adds a function allowing RAW image data to be processed in-camera and saved as JPEG files, enabling users to enjoy editing and directly printing photos without using a PC.

In addition, a rating function lets users assign a rating of up to five stars to images to streamline the image-management process while a JPEG resizing function allows the size of an image to be changed based on usage requirements.

The new Version 2.0.0 firmware upgrade for the Canon EOS 7D will be made available for download free of charge from Canon websites in early August.


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