Print those phone pics

The folks at Epson sent me a note on a subject which, coincidentally, has been bouncing around in my brain for the past few days, and that’s how we’ve gotten out of the mindset of making prints.

Epson obviously has a vested interest in the subject; the company makes some quite remarkable printers, including the Stylus Photo R2000 and R3000, and inks which not only produce superb colour but which also last a lifetime (and longer).

Having lost pictures because of hard drive crashes, I know the merits of making prints.

Sure, we can share digital images, but to me there art rises to a new level when you make a gorgeous print and mount it on the wall.

Epson notes the “high quality of handset photos means that they can be printed and turned into works of art. Diverse papers and materials bolster the images to almost gallery-quality prints to decorate homes or offices or share with the family.”

I see people taking pictures with their cells and wonder what will happen to those images. Probably end up on Facebook. Some of them certainly deserve better.


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