Gentec adds Optex lens, LCD cleaners

Gentec has a new series of Optex cleaning products, the LensMate lens cleaning system for camera and binocular lenses and the ScreenMate screen cleaning system for LCDs.

LensMate and ScreenMate feature a soft cleaning pad with an environmentally-friendly, dry cleaning compound that wont spill or dry out. The self-replenishing system works with a twist of the cap after each use to prepare the tip for the next cleaning.


The cleaners wont scratch or damage delicate surfaces, says Gentec.

The cleaning compound even helps reduce static charge build-up that can attract dust to the surface of the lens or LCD display, says the company

A retractable brush twists up to remove dust and other particles before using the cleaning pad to remove smudges and fingerprints.

LensMate is available in two sizes, one featuring a large cleaning pad for DSLR camera and binocular lenses and the other with a small cleaning pad for compact camera lenses.

The suggested retail prices are $14.95 and $11.95, respectively.

ScreenMate incorporates a specially shaped, triangular cleaning pad that fits into corners to clean the entire LCD; it has a suggested retail price of $14.95.

Gentec says you should find these new products on retailers’ shelves beginning in early September.


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