Nikon UT-1 handles image transfer

Nikon’s UT-1 adapter enables image transfer and remote camera operation when connected via Ethernet cable, or wirelessly in conjunction with the WT-5 wireless transmitter.

When the UT-1 is connected to select Nikon DSLRs, an Ethernet network (wired network) can be used to transfer images directly from the camera to a computer or FTP server. The new device will also allow photographers to control the camera remotely from a computer.

With an Ethernet network connection, images can be automatically transferred as they are captured, while data can also be stored on a memory card or transferred and saved to a computer or FTP server.

When used with Nikon’s Camera Control Pro 2 software that has been developed for studio and remote photography in the field, it is possible to control a variety of Nikon DSLR camera functions from a computer.

Camera Control Pro 2 allows users to specify and adjust basic shooting settings like exposure mode, shutter speed and aperture setting, as well as control white balance, use live view and even record movies remotely.

The Nikon UT-1 is scheduled to be available in late October for a suggested price of $379.95.

Nikon says it plans to offer a UT-1/Wireless Transfer WT-5a bundle later this year for $1,229.95.


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