Spots before my eyes

spotsI have more than 4,000 pictures scanned, using the trusty Epson V330. I have been slowly going through them, one by one, colour-correcting, spotting, so at some point in the not too distant future they can be sent out to all family members for their archives.

This past weekend, I discovered several hundred more pictures, all slides.

They weren’t in the greatest of shape. Some were more than 40 years old and, while kept in dark storage, have either noticeably faded or been attacked by mold/mildew/fungus.

As you can see in the accompanying illustration, some of the slides were in really bad shape. This one shows part of an alpine scene, above Sion, just before sunset, in about 1972. I have purposefully manipulated the image to bump up the contrast and gamma so you can better see what I’m talking about.

The damage was too great for the V330’s spotting function to tackle this, so it has meant labouring in Photoshop using both the cloning and healing functions to get rid of the debris. I didn’t have to tackle/scan/spot all the slides; I winnowed them down to about 150. The rest were either too far gone or of no redeeming value to keep.

But what a joy to discover these images. Some of them will undoubtedly be printed and put up on our picture wall.


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