Tripod head folds

MH293D3-Q2 scura 0001Normally it’s the tripod’s legs that do the clever disappearing act. With the new Manfrotto 290 series three-way tripod head we’ve got tripod head origami.

The 290 family of photo supports is aimed at passionate hobby photographers, says the company. The new head offers no-nonsense pro features and top quality construction with practical, innovatively-engineered compactness and reduced weight.



Traditional three-way heads typically have long protruding handles that make fine adjustments on each axis easier, but also make the head bulkier to transport or carry. Manfrotto’s three-way photo head features a unique folding design that makes it ultra-compact when closed.

Incorporating Adapto, Manfrotto’s proprietary polymer, the compact head also offers considerable weight savings over heavier metal alloys while still being strong and secure, supporting up to 4 kg of camera equipment in any position and at any inclination.

Three independent bubble levels – one for each axis of rotation – ensure that the camera can be precisely positioned.

The Manfrotto 290-Series Foldable Three-Way Head is sold on its own at a suggested retail price of $89.95. The head is also available in two kits: the four-section, aluminum tripod kit and the four-section carbon fibre tripod kit, with suggested retail prices of $239.95 and $369.95, respectively.


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