Change your Sigma lens mount

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8Sigma’s new Mount Conversion Service gives photographers the ability to change the mount of their Sigma lenses. This means you can change camera systems yet not need to replace your (Sigma) lenses.

The service starts September 2.

A fee ($120 to $315, depending upon the lens) will be charged for each conversion.

Only lenses from Sigma’s new Art, Contemporary, and Sports lines are eligible; the service is not available for teleconverters, the USB Dock, or other lens accessories.

Mount conversions will be done at Sigma’s Aizu factory in Japan. All relevant parts will be changed to allow the lens to be used with the new camera system, without compromising performance and with no loss of functionality, says Sigma.

After the mount has been changed, each lens will undergo the same rigorous testing as all of Sigma’s new lenses before it leaves the factory.

The service will not affect the seven-year Canadian warranty included with all Sigma lenses purchased from an authorized Canadian Sigma retailer.

A fee ($120 to $315, depending upon the lens being converted) will be charged for each conversion.

Does this mean you get to exchange your lens for a new lens? Nope. Sigma will only replace the mount and related components on your lens.

You can request any mount as long as the lens has been released by Sigma in the requested mount.

And, yes, if you decide to chuck your new camera system and go back to the old one, you can revert to the original mount, although this will be treated as a new conversion and you’ll pay full fare for the change back.

Regardless of the mount chosen, the lens will function the same as any lens released by Sigma with the corresponding mount.

How long will you be without your lens? You’ll be told when you submit your request. An application form can be found here.


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