Manfrotto adds Advanced bags

Manfrotto’s new Advanced collection consists of 21 camera bags in six styles and feature hard-wearing fabrics, superior construction quality, professional features, and an essential and elegant design, says the company.

Manfrotto Advanced BagsManfrotto says tripod holders, dividers, pockets, and rain covers are all designed with great attention to the photographer’s needs, both in terms of practicality and portability. The terms “iconic style” and “elegant Italian design” are touted.

Within the six bag types are a variety of sizes and shapes designed to accommodate popular camera models and equipment/accessory needs.

Photographers can choose from shoulder bags, holsters, slings, and backpacks.

The backpacks are available in three distinct styles: the Gear Backpack, dedicated to camera gear and featuring a single compartment with well-padded dividers for cameras, lenses and accessories; the Active Backpack for both camera equipment and daily essentials such as personal items; and the Tri Backpack, dedicated to camera gear. This innovative bag can be worn three different ways: on both shoulders like a standard backpack; with the straps in an “X” formation; or with one strap across the body as a sling.

Available in January, Advanced bags have suggested retail prices ranging from $54.95 to $169.95.


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