Polaroid adds bridge cameras

polaroid cesPolaroid, like Kodak, is a brand disassociated from its origins. The Polaroid brand is iconic, well recognized, as is Kodak, which is why the rights to each name was snapped up when the respective companies were restructured. Sakar International, an authorized Polaroid licensee, and the parent company to Vivitar, another iconic photo brand, has launched a new line of ultra high optical zoom Wi-Fi enabled bridge cameras. The built-in Wi-Fi enables instant peer-to-peer sharing of photos and videos; simply connect to your smartphone or tablet and share images and movies from your camera directly.

The family of easy-to-use cameras feature a 50X optical zoom (iE5036W), 40X (iE4038W), 35X (Ixx353W), and 30X optical zoom (iE3035W).

All cameras feature 18-megapixel resolution, HD video capability, 3-inch LCD screen, built-in image controls, pop-up flash with red-eye reduction, and SD card slot.


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