Take a tour with Fuji

Take a hike. That’s what Fujifilm is suggesting, but in a kind way, with its “Walk in the Park” tour in various cities across Canada.

YouTube’s the Fuji Guys and L’expert Fuji – they’re the hosts of Fujifilm’s YouTube channel – will be making stops across the country and asking photographers to join them for a walk in the park.

No Fuji gear required, but you can bet the X-T1, the full line of X-mount lenses, and a batch of other Fuji cameras, will make “special appearances.

The Fuji experts will also be offering photo tips, tricks and information on how to use the latest tech from the company.

Here’s what we know at this point about dates and locations, although we understand the dates are subject to change:

Vancouver: Sat., April 5, 9:00 to noon in Queen Elizabeth Park. Calgary: Sun., May 4; Montreal: Sat., June 7; Ottawa: Sun., June 8; Toronto: Sun., June 22; Victoria: Sat., September 20.

Updates on dates and locations, and signup info, is available on the Fujifilm Facebook page (www.facebook/fujifilmcameras) or through the Fuji Guys on Twitter (@fujiguys).



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