Fuji has add-on lens for X100/S

fuji TCL-X100TCL-X100 is a tele-conversion lens designed specifically for the X100 and X100S cameras. The lens attaches directly onto the camera and multiplyies the fixed focal length by approximately 1.4x, converting it from 23 mm to a 33 mm fixed focal length (from 35 mm to 50 mm equivalent).

The new conversion lens is said to offer extraordinary optical quality and delivers high image resolution, even at the f/2.0 wide open aperture setting, while using a special HT-EBC multi-layer coating to minimize ghosting and flare, and retaining all the original optical characteristics of the two cameras.

To use the TCL-X100, users should update the camera’s firmware (X100: ver 2.10 or later, X100S: ver 1.20 or later) which allows the option to be selected via the function (Fn) button, then selected through the ‘Tele- Conversion Lens’ option in the camera shooting menu.

The TCL-X100 is compatible with each camera’s hybrid viewfinder and enhances functionality by retaining the auto focusing speed and offering the same 14 cm macro shooting distance.

With the optical viewfinder (OVF) selected, icons showing the edge of the frame are displayed, while selecting the electronic viewfinder (EVF) gives users a 100 percent field of view.

The TCL-X100 has been designed to seamlessly blend with the look and feel of the two cameras and is manufactured using the same materials, textures, colours and finishes.

The TCL-X100 will be available in May, in silver and black, for $349.99.


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