Compact tripod series from Manfrotto

Compact Advanced

Compact Advanced

Compact Advanced

Manfrotto’s new line of Compact tripods have arrived. Not only do they deliver shake-free, precise images with the opportunity for long exposures and sharper, brighter pictures, these stylish tripods and monopods come in an expanded range of colours.

The Compact Light is the lightest tripod and designed for travellers. Available in black, white and red.

The Compact Action is movie makers and photo enthusiasts. The joystick head with scroll-wheel locking ensures stability and enhances performance.

The Compact Advanced is for entry-level DSLRs with lenses up to 200 mm. This tripod offers photographers independent pan, tilt and level controls, and is available in black and white.

Manfrotto Compact monopods offer stability for those travelling, shooting in a crowded space, or for sport photography. The monopod features a universal camera attachment, protective cap and wrist strap, and sports an innovative rotating disc ensuring easy camera attachment in a matter of seconds.

The MRSP of these products are: Compact Light $89.95, Compact Action $99.95, Compact Advanced $139.95, Compact Monopod $39.95, and Compact Advanced Monopod $54.95.


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