Bigger is better?

Hasselbald-H5D-200cFor those with a need for megapixels and who have a healthy bank account, check out the Hasselblad H5D-200c MS medium-format camera. How does a 600-megapixel file sound? Yours when using Multi-Shot (MS) capture technology.

Here’s how ‘Blad explains it: “Based on the 50-megapixel sensor (6200 x 8272 pixels), the H5D-200c MS offers 1, 4 and 6-shot capability. 6-shot will produce 8 bit TIFF files at 600MB each resulting in the most accurate colour rendering and resolution available on the market today in the medium format. Versatile capture with up to 12 minute exposure time. 100 to 6400 ISO. Image raw size is from 75MB with a 16 bit colour depth. Colour display is a 3 inch TFT type, 24 bit colour with 460 x 320 pixels resolution.”

At those file sizes, better stock up on CF cards, or buy a computer with large hard drive for tethered shooting.


One thought on “Bigger is better?

  1. Most of the guys I’ve seen shooting with medium format digital are tethered, though I can’t speak for the size of their hard drives.

    At the facility where I work, our researchers are getting instruments that generate raw image files so big and fast that they can fill a hard drive in less than 60 seconds. The amount of data is so huge that we can’t even use the network for transporting the bits to the file servers — if the file servers could even store it all. So the data stays at the instrument machines, in the form of RAID arrays, until the researcher can filter through all the raw data and cull the bits that aren’t needed.

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