Joby sucks it up

km_kmpk1422bJoby has its eyes on the needs of action cam shooters (e.g. GoPro) and come up with a Suction Cup & Locking Arm and Suction Cup & GorillaPod Arm, both scheduled to launch in November.
The patent-pending design of the suction cup provides a quick-twist lock for easy and fast set-up. It’s engineered to provide an industrial-strength hold on all types of smooth, clean, and non-porous surfaces. The built-in ¼-20 screw base provides a universal mount, so users can easily mix and match the two different arm options.
The Suction Cup & Locking Arm is said to be a vibration-resistant mounting solution for such things as cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. The ultra-stabilized Locking Arm is designed for long-duration shots with its articulating ball joints that rotate 360 degrees and pivot 180 degrees side to side.
The Suction Cup & GorillaPod Arm is best for use on surfaces with little vibration, such as windows, walls, inside cars, etc.
All Action Series products come with a removable tripod mount for GoPro that can be used on any tripod with a ¼-20 screw. Removing the GoPro mount makes each of the products compatible with other action video cameras that use a ¼-20 tripod mount such as the Sony Action Cam or Contour cameras.


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