More gear for pros from Joby

Joby has four accessories for pros.

Pro SLing Strap

Pro Sling Strap

The Pro Sling Strap is a low profile, high-strength camera strap designed for professional DSLRs with zoom lenses and battery grips. Developed with the SpeedCinch pulley system, the sling strap provides quick-draw camera accessibility and enhanced camera security. The custom integrated tread delivers a close-to-body fit with durable construction. For added security, the included Camera Tether provides a second point of contact to your camera body when on the move.

The UltraFit Hand Strap with UltraPlate is a combination of a streamlined hand strap and universal quick-release plate, making it ideal for switching between handheld shooting and using a tripod with no gear change. The UltraPlate has built-in Arca-Swiss compatibility, plus two ¼-20 mounting holes for additional accessories, such as other tripod quick-release plates and sling straps. The hand strap is compatible with standard and pro DSLRs with or without a battery grip. The UltraPlate can be purchased separately.

GorillaPod Focus + Ballhead X is the strongest and largest GorillaPod. Its machined-aluminum sockets offer flexibility while ensuring a rock-solid hold in almost any environment. The Ballhead X further extends the functionality of the GorillaPod Focus allowing you to easily and fluidly pan, tilt and rotate your camera.

The Flash Clamp & Locking Arm helps transform everyday objects into lighting assistants with the two articulating ball joints that let you position your flash at any angle. The included Universal Flash Shoe with a built-in quick release also works with the GorillaPod SLR-Zoom, GorillaPod Hybrid, or any tripod with a ¼-20 screw. The device allows placing off-camera flashes such as Speedlights, PocketWizards, or LEDs at unique angles.


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