P’sonic adds SZ10

pana sz10Panasonic says its Lumix SZ10, designed to easily fit into a handbag or suit pocket, is great for a night out on the town because of its stylish look.

The camera has a 2.7-inch LCD monitor that tilts up by 180-degrees, making it extremely easy to take selfies. The camera also offers a number of beauty effect functions, including Soft Skin, Defocusing and Slimming modes. Soft Skin mode lets you adjust the skin tones; Defocusing mode applies a soft focus effect to the background to clearly emphasize the face in the image; and Slimming mode processes the portrait’s face to look slightly slimmer (hey, who needs Photoshop?).

The iA (Intelligent Auto) mode lets users leave everything to the camera with its Optical Image Stabilizer, Intelligent ISO Control, Intelligent Scene Selector, Intelligent Exposure, and Face Detection.

The camera has a 12x zoom (24-288 equivalent) plus the iA Zoom (Intelligent Zoom) function also provides zoom of up to x24.

Dynamic HD video in 1280 x 720p can be started with a single press of a motion picture button on the top of the camera.

The camera integrates Panasonic’s popular creative features and a total of 15 filter effects. Creative Control lets users choose the filter effect before they press the shutter, so they can see exactly how it will impact the picture or video. The Creative Retouch lets you apply a filter effect on the picture even after it’s taken.

With the SZ10’s Wi-Fi connectivity, you can connect the camera directly to your smartphone with a simple scan of a QR code via the dedicated Panasonic Image App. Once inside the app, an intuitive guidance menu helps you.

Smartphones and tablets can also be used as a remote viewfinder, and you can even control focus, zoom and activate the shutter without laying a finger on the camera itself. Also, with the Instant Transfer function, photos are automatically sent to the device controlling the shutter for easy upload to social media sites.

The camera was announced at C.E.S. in Las Vegas; no Canadian availability has been announced.


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