Fujin says “suck it up”

The Nikon version of the Fujin cleaner

The Nikon version of the Fujin cleaner

Now here’s a “why didn’t I think of that” idea: A special-purpose vacuum cleaner for DSLRs.

Scheduled for U.S. availability the end of this month (but no idea when/if it will come to Canada), the Fujin Mark II for Canon EF mount, and Fujin D for Nikon F mount (the latter coming in October) apparently have been creating quite a stir in Japan.

If you have a DSLR, you know there’s a problem with dust getting onto the sensor; there’s a weak electric charge which tends to hold on to the dust. So along comes Fujin and makes a vacuum cleaner that’s like a lens. The device effectively seals the mirror box during cleaning and prevents dust from entering.

The advanced fan design includes a stator that moves air more efficiently to speed the thorough removal of foreign matter, dust, and sand.

3M-made filters remove contaminants from the outside air, transferring pure air into the Fujin to clean the inside of the camera.

Proprietary air intake technology increases the air’s linearity and velocity instead of simply sending it through the camera.

The device is equipped with an airflow guide plate that incorporates proprietary airflow guide technology to clean even the farthest reaches of the camera’s internal nooks and crannies.


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