ACDSee improves everything

acdseeACD Systems has released ACDSee Ultimate 9, ACDSee Pro 9, and ACDSee 19. The company says this next generation of products offers exciting new features for every level of photographer with tools to improve workflow, digital asset management and image editing.

ACDSee Ultimate 9 remains the go-to product for all photography workflow needs. The inclusion of development tools, a layered editor, powerful digital asset management, and organizational capabilities in a single package makes for a unique all-in-one digital imaging solution, says the company.

ACDSee Ultimate 9 adds Adjustment Layers to the layered editor. Adjustment layers offer users the ability to modify any image adjustment individually, while providing access to tools for developing images non-destructively.

The latest release of ACDSee Pro 9 comes with new features designed to intuitively guide professional, amateur, and hobbyist photographers.

ACDSee 19, the company notes, maintains its standing as an exceptionally fast, easy-to-use photo management application, and advances even further with the addition of Photos Mode and Collections.

ACDSee Ultimate 9 and Pro 9 are tailored for customer needs, offering the following new features in addition to the Adjustment Layers found in Ultimate 9:

• ACDSee Actions: a completely new take on batch editing: record any sequence of steps using any tool, then apply them to any other image in your library with a single click.

• Lens Correction: Automatic lens correction is now available to fix barrel and pincushion distortion inherent to many digital camera lenses.

• Snapshots: As you make adjustments to your photos, take snapshots of the image at any time, and then view or revert to any snapshot taken instantly.

• Dehaze Tool: This will instantly restore clarity to an image, improving the contrast, detail, and colour previously lost behind the haze.

• Skin Tune: Takes all of the painstaking precision work out of correcting of skin tones in post-processing.

All of the latest ACDSee releases also offer:

• Photos Mode: Your entire collection at a glance, organized by date taken, with popup date markers.

• Collections: Group your photos in one place for a simple take on elaborate, highly complex organizing, and for easy searching.

• 4K Display Support: The company says its new high DPI support provides uncompromising detail on your 4K monitors.

ACDSee Ultimate 9, Pro 9, and 19 are available now.


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