I’ve been nice, really

Nikon J5

Nikon J5

Uh-oh, it’s not even the middle of October, not even Halloween, heck not even Thanksgiving (but only by a couple of days), and Nikon is, as far as I can see, first out of the gate with its holiday gift suggestions.

So what’s topping the list?

The Nikon 1 J5, for “budding” photographers. It’s followed by the Coolpix S33, that kids can drop, dunk and freeze (better that than the cat!). For the light-packing jetsetter there’s the Coolpix S9900 with its 30x zoom, then the Coolpix L840, again for beginners. For those who love to get outdoors, Nikon suggests the all weather Coolpix AW130 be their gift. For the nature photographer or traveller, the Coolpix P610 with 60x zoom. For the photo enthusiast who wants to move up from compacts, the D3300 is Nikon’s suggested gift, or the D5500 with touch operation. The D7200 is suggested for enthusiasts, as is the AF-S Nikkor 200-500 mm f/5.6E ED VR lens. Or how about the AF-S Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8G prime lens? Rounding out the list is the SB-500 Speedlight.


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