Panasonic offering focus upgrade

The G7 is one of three models getting the focus upgrade

The G7 is one of three models getting the focus upgrade

If you’re the owner of a Panasonic GX8, G7 or FZ330, you’ve got an interesting upgrade coming down the pipe. The company is calling it “Post Focus” technology. It will enable any area of a photograph to be in-focus after shooting.

So, shoot first and ask questions later . . . no, wait, that should be focus later. After taking a picture, the function enables photographers to select whichever part of the image they want to be in-focus with an easy one touch operation.

Using Panasonic’s existing 4K Photo technology, Post Focus not only prevents out-of-focus misshots but also offers greater creative freedom for those with one of those three cameras.

Post Focus combines the high-speed DFD (Depth from Defocus) autofocus technology and Panasonic’s 4K technology, made possible by the Venus Engine processor. Burst images in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) are shot at 30 fps while detecting up to 49 areas of a frame for focus points at different depths of field.

Operation of the Post Focus function is straightforward and easy, says the company. Turn on post focus, compose and take your picture. Then, while reviewing the images simply touch the area you want the focus to be and a new image with the selected focus area will be produced as a separate photo.

Focus peaking, 5x magnified zoom and other fine adjustment settings can be used for even greater focus control. Several different impressions can be taken out of one picture by changing the focus and defocus within the image to select the desired subject.

The Post Focus firmware update will be available here on November 25, for the GX8, G7 and FZ330.



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