Nikon connects wirelessly with SnapBridge app

It ain’t exactly a catchy name, but Nikon’s SnapBridge via Bluetooth Low Energy is sure a welcome arrival. It enables the continuous and immediate transfer of images from a camera to a mobile device as the images are captured in real-time.

SnapBridge will be a standard feature in almost every Nikon camera from 2016 onwards, beginning with the new D500 (see above). This is achieved automatically without the need to activate image transfer from the camera, while also keeping power consumption low for both devices.

Users can also continue to enjoy mobile Internet connectivity during image transfer, allowing them to check their e-mail or access social media while syncing their photographs.

The SnapBridge app is available for iOS and Android on Apple AppStore and GooglePlay.

SnapBridge-integrated Nikon cameras can be constantly connected to a smart device once the mobile app is installed. The connection only needs to be configured once, unlike previous Wi-Fi transfer apps, which require new set-up each time the user’s device is connected. SSID and password set-up that is usually required when connecting for the first time is no longer necessary. Up to five smart devices can be paired with the camera.

Photographers can toggle between the option to transfer images automatically during or after shooting in their camera menu. The camera intuitively switches from Bluetooth Low Energy to Bluetooth to transfer the data even when the camera is turned off. Images are transferred to smart devices as 2.0-megapixel (Full HD) images in JPEG format. Original JPEG pictures can be also transferred.

Information can be embedded into the image using the SnapBridge app. Users can select up to two types of information, from copyright and image information, to additional text and logos, to be placed in the image for personal image protection and identification.

The SnapBridge app’s remote shooting function allows users to confirm through-the-lens images on a smart device screen in real-time before releasing the shutter via the app. Additionally, zoom control and the camera’s self-timer can also be controlled via smartphone.

The app takes the location and time information of the user’s smart device and automatically synchronizes the camera’s to it, removing the need to manually change dates and location information of the camera when travelling abroad.

The app also offers seamless sharing to social media apps. With a registered Nikon ID, users receive unlimited online storage for 2.0-megapixel images on Nikon Image Space. Images transferred to smart devices in the 2.0-megapixel format can be configured to upload automatically to their account from the SnapBridge app.


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