Kodak’s back!

Prototype Kodak Super 8 camera

Prototype Kodak Super 8 camera

It has been a tough few years for Kodak, including bankruptcy then re-emergence from it as a much smaller company. At the giant US Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, the company’s return to consumer visibility became all the more evident with the announcement of many new Kodak-branded products. No, not film, but inkjet paper, batteries, recordable and rewritable optical disks, headphones and earbuds, touchscreen technologies, and more.

But perhaps the most intriguing announcement was a concept for a new Super 8 movie camera.

Kodak launched Super 8 in 1965. Fifty years after it began manufacturing Super 8 film, the company says it is launching an initiative aimed at putting Super 8 cameras into the hands of a new generation of filmmakers as well as meeting the needs of top directors, indie filmmakers and others who appreciate the art and craft of filmmaking.

Kodak has displayed an “early prototype” of a new Kodak Super 8 camera that combines the classic features of a Super 8 with digital functionality. But the Kodak Super 8 Revival Initiative encompasses a range of cameras, film development services, post production tools, and more.

Using the ubiquitous Super 8 film cartridge containing 15 m (50 ft) of film, the camera will sport variable filming speeds (9, 12, 18, 24, 25 frames per second), all with crystal sync; a C-mount lens system, starting with a fixed 6 mm f/1.2 Ricoh lens but with an optional 6-48 mm zoom; manual focus and iris (aperture); a 3.5-inch swivelling electronic viewfinder; built-in light meter; and built-in battery and charger (USB).

Apparently you’ll be able to get your film developed and returned to you – yup, analog – as well as a video.


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