Fujifilm says flash on its way

Fujifilm says it is developing a new high-end external shoe mount flash, the EF-X500, for use on X-series cameras. It’s expected to arrive in May.

The company says the flash will support the 1/8000 sec. shutter speed featured in the new, flagship model X-Pro2, as well as other X cameras. There’s also a multiple flash-unit TTL auto function, along with weather- and dust-resistance.

The GN is pegged at 50/164 (m/ft), and the flash’s head will zoom to cover the 24 mm to 105 mm (equivalent) range, with an extendable wide panel for coverage of about a 20 mm lens.

The head will tilt down to 10° or up to 90° and rotate horizontally 135° to the left and 180° to the right.

Flash exposure compensation will be -5.0 – +5.0, in 1/3 steps.

Power will come from four AA-size batteries, with an external battery pack an option.


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