Hey, a new instant camera is born!

Strange looking beast, but it works

Strange looking beast, but it works

When Polaroid stopped making instant film and cameras many years ago, an outfit called The Impossible Project surfaced with the express purpose of using some of the old Polaroid manufacturing equipment to make Polaroid-type instant film. Miracle of miracles, they were successful, and Impossible film was born. Now, they’ve created the first new camera in more than a decade that uses the original instant photo format and that makes real, physical photos that develop in the palm of your hand.

It’s called the Impossible I-1

For beginners, it is a point and shoot analog instant camera, as easy to use as the Polaroid 600-type, but with more control over the end result. The I-1 features an advanced ring flash that provides soft, diffused light, and an autofocus system that makes it perfect for portraits.

It gives experienced instant photographers new levels of manual control through its Bluetooth app, which also lets you try out creative techniques like light painting and double exposure and also offers tips and tools for those who like to experiment.

impossible I-1It has a detachable, mechanical pop-up viewfinder. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to an iOS and WatchOS app that enables multiple photographic features. The first features to ship include a remote trigger, timer, noise trigger, double exposure feature, and full manual control of the camera’s shutter (both shutter speed and aperture).

This is the first instant camera to have a ring flash, work with an app and offer full manual control over shutter speed and aperture, says the company.

The I-1 uses a new generation of instant film which doesn’t require a new battery with each film pack. The battery lives within the camera itself, so film is both better for the environment and less expensive than before. It also works with all Impossible film for 600-type cameras, giving photographers even more flexibility.

No word on its expected availability in Canada, but you can buy it from the Impossible website for US$350.


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