Sony and Profoto collaborate

Photokina – Sony has announced a collaboration with professional lighting company Profoto. This will allow for optimized compatibility between Profoto flashes and other light shaping tools with Sony interchangeable lens cameras.  Sony has licensed the technical specifications for four of its models to Profoto.

The first product in the Profoto line-up to benefit from the collaboration is the Profoto Air Remote TTL-S that wirelessly integrates a Profoto AirTTL flash with select Sony alpha cameras. Air Remote TTL-S is a small, wireless radio transmitter that attaches to the Sony camera’s hotshoe. The remote allows TTL metering with any Profoto AirTTL flash. In TTL Mode, the user just points and shoots, and the Air Remote TTL-S will communicate with the flash to automatically give a perfect exposure. The Air Remote TTL-S also comes with Profoto High-speed Sync technology.

The Air Remote TTL-S system will be available globally in early 2017, priced at $590.

Sony notes current compatible cameras are the alpha 99 II, 7 II, 7R II and 7S II.


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