Canon unveils three-in-one home printers



Canon has unveiled a newly designed PIXMA inkjet line-up: entry-level TS5020 series, mid-range TS6020 series, TS8020 series and top-of-the-range TS9020 series.

Thanks to integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, each unit offers wireless printing from PCs, smartphones and tablets via the improved Canon PRINT app for Android and iOS. Access Point Mode lets you connect directly to the printer without needing a router or Wi-Fi password.

The TS9020 series and TS8020 series’ Touch & Print feature, accessed via the Canon app on Android devices, allows you to simply connect your NFCTM-enabled smartphone or tablet and create a print or scan. The TS9020 series’ Ethernet connection lets you share the connection between multiple PCs on a network.

With the TS9020 series, TS8020 series and TS6020 series, the LCD touch screens provide access to the Cloud link, which connects to your favourite cloud services, so you can quickly print a photo or upload a document to read on the go. The TS9020, TS8020 and TS6020 printers can connect to Instagram.

Canon says the compact, sleek designs are the most distinct and eye-catching yet, and the front tilt panel and large LCD screens provide quick access to the all-new intuitive single screen home menu, mirroring the Canon app’s simple navigation and functionality.



The TS5020 series and TS6020 series’ five individual ink tanks provide fast, high-quality printing on both plain and photo paper. Using an additional grey ink tank and enhanced photo black ink, the TS9020 series and TS8020 series both improve photo print quality, with richer details in dark and shaded areas, making them ideal for photography enthusiasts, says the company. Optional XL cartridges across all models allow you to print more pages, while the single ink cartridges minimize waste, with each colour individually replaceable.

From photos, to double-sided documents, or personalized birthday cards and a child’s artwork, the new models are compatible with a wide range of paper types and sizes, thanks to the new rear paper feed. In addition to this, a front cassette on the TS9020 series, TS8020 series and TS6020 series means users can simultaneously have plain paper for documents in the front cassette while having photo paper loaded in the rear tray – no need to switch paper between prints. Both the TS9020 series and the TS8020 series feature direct disc printing via the app.

The TS9020 series, TS8020 series and TS5020 series can also print photos straight from an SD memory card, without the need for a PC. With SD card printing on the TS9020 series, you can even add creative filters directly onto your photos from the 12.6 cm (5-inch) printer touchscreen itself.

The PIXMA TS5020, TS6020, TS8020, and TS9020 series printers are scheduled to be available now. The TS5020 and TS6020 series printers will be available in black, white, and grey for an estimated retail price of $129.99 and $179.99 respectively. The TS8020 series printer will be available in black, white, red, and brown for an estimated retail price of $219.99, and the TS9020 will be available in white and red for an estimated retail price of $249.99.


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