Kodachrome, too!?

kodachromeJust a handful of days ago Kodak announced it was resurrecting Ektachrome film. Apparently the company is not stopping there, with a company exec saying at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) it is also looking at bringing Kodachrome back.

There are a lot of photographers with freezers full of old Ektachrome stock which they can now shoot because of the imminent arrival of new Ektachrome film stock. And there are labs which still process the film. Kodachrome is an entirely different matter; it takes special processing chemistry and handling, there are no labs to process it anymore, and no chemistry available from Kodak to do it even if a lab wanted to try.

So there are logistical problems for processing the film even if the production lines were ramped up.

What’s also fun to think about is that the Ektachrome announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show, and generated an incredible buzz. Now, with the Kodachrome teaser, I just have a mental image of vibrating pro photographers . . .


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