Sony adds compact radio-controlled flash

sony-hvl-f45rmSony is adding the HVL-F45RM flash, designed to be used with the existing wireless remote controller FA-WRC1M and receiver FA-WRR1. The new flash is designed to work with Sony’s E-mount camera lineup and produces a maximum lighting output of GN45.

The unit’s radio capabilities allow it to be used as a transmitter or a receiver at up to 30 m (approx. 98 feet) without direct line-of-sight between components.

Battery life is up to 210 bursts, and can tilt up to 150 deg. vertically, 360-deg. horizontally and up to 8-deg. downward.

A new large, bright and highly visible LCD display, an LED light, dust and moisture resistant design are complemented by a revamped menu system that mimics those of Sony’s newest camera systems.

The Sony HVL-F45RM flash will ship in May for about $550.


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