Sekonic’s flagship L-858D meter is here

sekonicThe Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D multi-function light meter with flash duration and multi-brand wireless triggering is now available in Canada.

The L-858D provides flash data needed to calculate proper ambient-flash exposure and also measures the brief flash bursts of HSS (High Speed Sync) for precision flash exposure control.

The L-858D shares L-478D features and functions as well as frame rates (f/s) and shutter angles for cinematographers.

Both incident and reflected-spot measurements provide extreme low light level readings, says the manufacturer. In addition, the L-858D offers optional wireless triggering modules now available for Elinchrom and Phottix in addition to PocketWizard brand radio triggering devices.

The meter features a 2.7-inch colour touch screen, ISO range of 3 to 13,107,200, shutter speed range of 30 min. to 1/16,000s for flash light, shutter speed range of 30 min. to 1/64,000s for ambient light, full HD Cine and Cine mode: 1 to 1000 f/s and 1 to 358 degree shutter angle, and connectivity with MAC/PC DTS software for firmware upgrades, custom settings and exposure profiling.


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